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This Challenge has been closed for submissions. If you have any questions please reach us at

Dojo x Grundfos

Help us provide safe water access to those in need

Do you have what it takes?

The Overall Challenge

Today, more than 40% of the world’s population is affected by water scarcity and nearly 800 million lack access to safe water. At the same time, technology and know-how about water can save lives. It is a privilege and a responsibility we are deeply aware of, and the reason behind Grundfos’ water ambition for 2030: Grundfos has contributed to providing safely managed drinking water to 300 million people in need. To solve this challenge, modern solutions are needed. That is why Grundfos has teamed up with the Dojo platform to collect modern and innovative solutions from digital.

Delivering safe water to 300 million people is not an easy task; that’s why Grundfos need your help. In pursuit of this super ambitious goal, we are asking you to help us create digital solutions, apps and tools around it that provides safe drinking water to people in developing countries. You can help solve the water crisis and empower millions of lives. We look forward to your contribution and engagement.


The challenge can be fulfilled by creating an app prototype/sketch alongside a description, which you will write when you submit your solution of the prototype and the sustainable business ecosystem behind it.

In your description, make sure to elaborate on your idea and what your thoughts behind the prototype are.

Focus areas

How can we help locals fix broken water stations?

One of the major challenges in supplying steady access to safe water in Ghana and the rest of Africa is unreliable equipment. Due to harsh environments and lack of operational experience among the local population, a vast amount of water stations and pumps break down — most of them after only a few years.

How can we use digital to prevent this from happening? How might we educate people to self-service and maintain broken water stations? What if maintenance could be hired at the click of a button?

What is the next water purchase experience?

Today, purchasing water requires quite a few steps. Locals need to buy water credits through their phones and load them onto a water card that is compatible with the Grundfos water stations. This is hardly a future-proof experience, partly due to the amount of steps, but also the insecurity locals have to go through every time they want to purchase water.

If you were to re-imagine the water purchase experience, what would it look like? How can we make it easier for everyone to purchase water? How can we help improve the situation by getting access to purchase data?

How can we deliver safe water efficiently?

Most people in Ghana walk close to an hour every day searching for safe water. While this may sound like a lot, the situation is worse in other African countries. Some spend close to 8 hours every day – just securing enough clean water for the next day. Imagine if water could be delivered at the doorstep.

What if we could create a water delivery service? What would it look like – and how would it work? What would be the business model behind it all?

Win a trip to Ghana with Grundfos

We are hoping to get many different submissions. All solutions and prototypes are welcome. Besides, the best 30 solutions will get invited to the winner announcement event at TechBBQ the 18th of September.

All prizes are taxable

1st place

A trip to Ghana together with Grundfos, where you visit and learn firsthand about the local water ecosystems. We will plan your trip, making sure you both grow your knowledge and have fun in Accra. (Max 2 persons)

2nd place

You kick start your day on the water at Copenhagen Cablepark burning off steam. It is then time to relax on a cruise around the harbour of northern Copenhagen in a sailing hot tub. You finish your day on the water with a delicious dinner at Relæ. (Max 5 persons)

3rd place

Win a pair of Oculus Go VR headsets and jump into the world of Virtual Reality. Oculus now comes for the first time with a standalone VR headset. You don’t need any hardware - no computers, phones or consoles.

Themes that are important to us

The overall purpose of your application and concept is to provide safe drinking water to people in need. In order to reach this goal in the right way, we’re focused on three key themes within Grundfos. While they are only intended as inspiration, they could serve as a guide to further expand your concept. We’re curious to see what you come up with!

How can we help locals fix broken water stations?

Can your application create greater access to people and water sources, and combined with other relevant data (population density, mobility, economy, weather, available APIs), make safe water more accessible and cheaper for those in need? At Grundfos, we have the physical infrastructure, can you help us with the digital one?

Sustainable water economy

To reach our ambitions of truly ending the water crisis, we need to boost the local ecosystem of entrepreneurs, where resourceful local people can earn money in a sustainable water economy. These services could be delivery of water, making repairs of water stations, ensuring the right quality of water, or something completely different. How would you enable this by digital tools/application, and how could a dashboard look like for a local water entrepreneur?

Water safety

How can we give local people an easy way to verify the quality of the drinking water? Can we track the water quality from a water station to their home, and how do we guarantee the water quality along the way? We need this information digitally in the application as well – how can this be done?

Challenge inspiration

Users of the application

We have identified to main user groups for this challenge. There are users of the water which are citizens of developing countries. There is a long distance from a water source to home. It is mostly women or children that fetch the water. Also, it is difficult to maintain water quality when the water is transported for a long distance. Most of the users have a smartphone.

Water entrepreneurs are people who already work with water distribution. It is resourceful locals who want to make a difference and see business opportunities in safe water. Help us create the next generation of water entrepreneurs powered by digital tools.

General information

Passionate about water – Grundfos sustainability 2018 – About Grundfos – Grundfos YouTube videoes

Videos about the water crisis

Water Crisis - A short introduction

How to solve the global water crisis

Grundfos water station - LifeLink

It can be a sketch, a prototype or a business model

We're on the lookout for inspiration and perspective

The rest is up to you

Make your contribution to a sustainable world

Dojo x Grundfos

Grundfos & SDG6

“The UN has set 17 very ambitious Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 15 of these 17 goals relate directly or indirectly to water. I am placing particular significance on goal 6, that relates to access to clean water and sanitation for everyone. We and our technology can make a real difference to the world in this area. We are - in my clear opinion - a SDG 6 company.

Our knowledge and water technology can move the world in a positive direction. By purifying surface water for drinking. By making water available in refugee communities. And by moving water energy efficiently, so that we take care of the globe while doing so. We are making a difference because we can.”

Mads Nipper, Group President & CEO, Grundfos

Read more about Grundfos and the SDG’s.


The partners involved

The water challenge is brought to you by Grundfos and powered by the digital platform Dojo. Grundfos has the ambition to supply clean drinking water to 300 million people in need. It is not an easy task. That is why they have partnered with Dojo, which makes it possible to collect innovative solutions to this challenge. The winner will be announced on TechBBQ September 18th. The best 30 solutions get free admission to TechBBQ on the 18.-19th of September in Øksnehallen.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Reach us at

Do you have what it takes?

Dojo x Grundfos

Grundfos is postponing the challenge

This year we’ve set out on an ambitious journey - giving access to safe drinking water to 300 million people by 2030. It’s a complex task that changes every day, posing new challenges to us and the people in need of better water solutions. With this in mind, we’re sorry to announce that we have to cancel our current water challenge competition for now. We simply need to make sure that the great ideas submitted are put into play at the right time to make a real difference for people in need.

We will open for submissions in a new challenge in early 2020 and encourage you all to re-submit your ideas and prototypes there, so no work is wasted.

We are highly aware that submissions have been entered, that a lot of hours and creative energy have been put into this competition - and that you and your team may be working on the next big thing, while you’re reading this. We’re already looking forward to get in touch with you all personally.

If you have already submitted a proposal: We’ll reach out to you shortly and provide you with a gift card and a free ticket to join us at the TechBBQ Festival in Copenhagen the 18th-19th of September

If you haven’t submitted your proposal yet: Please reach out to, so we can discuss next steps together and meet at TechBBQ.

We look forward to hear from all of you.
For any questions, please reach out to

Thanks again for making a contribution and taking it all this far.

The Grundfos Challenge Team